Escape Room FAQ

An escape game is a real-life experience where participants are locked in a room and must use elements of the room, the group’s collective knowledge, and wits to discover clues, solve puzzles, and escape and/or find the missing item within a set amount of time.
The door is never actually locked and you can leave at any time.
No, escape rooms are suitable for anyone who is willing to have fun, work as a team and keep an open mind.
An escape room game will take 60 minutes or less. If your team works together and solves the puzzles you may escape sooner!
Absolutely! Escape rooms are the perfect way to work on team building because you are forced to work together and learn what each person’s strengths and skills are to succeed.
We currently have 3 different escape room experiences available. We encourage you to try them all. We only ask that you keep the rooms a secret from others so you do not ruin the experience for them.
It;s possible you may share a room with other teams if booked at the same time and with in the max player range. There are options to book exclusively for just your team.
Your inner genius and all the detective skills you can muster! The answers to the riddles and puzzles are all in the room. You will be using your ability to look for clues, figure out logic, communicate with the other team members and apply deductive reasoning to escape.
Our rooms are designed for ages 12 and up. Younger children may participate only in private events. Participants under 18 require a waiver signed by a parent or guardian.
Cell phones are not allowed to be used in the room. The use of electronic devices or any outside tools are strictly prohibited and you will immediately be removed from the game if you attempt to use them.
Please arrive 15 min prior to your scheduled time, in order to fill out waivers and be prepped for the game.
All participants should arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled game. To provide the best experience for all participants, the game doors cannot be re-opened once the game begins.
All sales are final. Exchanges for another time may be provided at management’s discretion.

Playland FAQ

SRE Playland is fun for all ages, but the activities and interactions are most appropriate for children aged 3 to 12 years of age.
We are an unsupervised play facility. The child or children MUST be accompanied by an adult. We encourage parent (or adult) be present and on the watch all the time.
Yes for birthday parties, outside food and catering is welcomed. For open play drinks and snacks are welcome, but must remain in the seating area. Absolutely no food or drinks in the play area.
Yes. All children and adults are required to wear socks in our play area. No shoes allowed in the open play area. Socks can be purchased at the door if needed.
At this time we only sell bottled water.
Yes, our bathroom is equipped with a changing station.
Yes we do provide free wifi
Yes, adults play free, but only allowed in the facility if accompanied with a child. Absolutely no adults are allowed in without a child.
Definitely. You are welcome to rent the private room for any occasion you would like to celebrate.